Monster Inc. Birthday Cake Ideas

These Monster Inc Birthday cake could be a wonderful birthday surprise for your children. Here are some adorable Monster Inc theme birthday cake that may inspire you!

Monster Inc. Birthday Cake

Have you found a birthday cake idea for your dearest child? Then you should know what they like. Some animated movies might be able to inspire you. Yes, commonly kids love to watch animated movie. And you must know Monsters, Inc. This movie itself was released in 2001.

This movie told about a scare factory. Every monsters must scare the kids in the rooms. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski are two of the monsters who worked for the factory. But everything changes after they found Boo, a little girl in a room. In 2013, Pixar made Monster University, a story when all the monsters were in younger age.

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Why don’t you try to have Monsters Inc Birthday cake for kids? It could be an interesting idea. You may choose to make a cake with one of the monsters as the design. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski cake might be your first choice. Because they were he main characters in that movie. It won’t scare your kid. They are gonna love this. You can imagine how excited your kids after seeing their cute birthday cake.

As an easier way, you may use some action figures of the monster as a decorating part. You can see the pictures some inspiring Monster Inc cake below.

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