Lifelike Snake Birthday Cake Ideas

For all of Lifelike Snake lover, here are collection of amazing Lifelike Snake birthday cake ideas! I hope they can inspire you!

Lifelike Snake Birthday Cake

Have you ever seen birthday cake with funny and cute animal decorations just like Mickey mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Donal duck, Shaun the sheep, etc? I am sure everyone has seen such birthday cake decorations. But how about snake cake? Can you imagine if such dangerous animal becomes a model of birthday cake? It sounds very strange, right? But in fact, it does exist.

It was Francesca Pitcher who first decorated a snake birthday cake for her daughter, Claudia. In order to welcome Claudia’s upcoming birthday she took her outside. Since Claudia is an animal lover, especially reptile, they decided to visit a zoo. When they looked at many reptiles at the zoo, Francesca asked Claudia what kind of decoration cake she wanted in her upcoming birthday. Claudia directly replied that she wanted a lifelike snake cake. Claudia wanted a spooky themed party. She planned to scare her friends whom she invited to her upcoming birthday party. She was so shocked to hear that. Since Francesca is a professional birthday cake decorator it was not difficult for her to fulfill her daughter’s request, but the only one problem was she had a phobia of snakes. Francesca kept on thinking about it till they got home. Francesca loves Claudia so much that she will do everything for her daughter.

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Francesca finally decided to create an Amelanistic Burmese python lifelike cake, a kind of snakes with yellow and white skin. She got the inspiration after she learned many kinds of snake on internet. She needed 6 sponge cake to make body of the python. Finally, after struggling for three days, she was successful in creating such python cake. Are you interested in celebrating your birthday party with lifelike snake birthday cake?

Bellow are some Lifelike snake birthday cake design!

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