Harley Davidson Birthday Cake Ideas

For all of the biggest Harley Davidson fan, here are collection of amazing Harley Davidson birthday cake ideas! I hope they can inspire you!

Harley Davidson Birthday Cake

Everyone loves spending their break time with their hobbies. One of the popular hobbies is biking with motorcycle. If your husband is a Harley-Davidson biker, they will like everything that related with their motorcycle.To show your love to your husband, it can be nice combination of their interest with your gift. If their birthday will come soon, there is a chance to make different birthday better than before.

Harley Davidson is made by Harley-Davidson, Inc. And it’s found in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. Harley-Davidson motorcycle is so popular in motorcyclist community.

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It’s not just popular in America, but also around the world. The Motorcycles have been used by soldier in World War II as vehicle for carrying the equipment and medicines. But now, it’s just used for hobby and collection.

If you are interested to choose Harley Davidson idea for your husband birthday cake, I have recommendation for your husband birthday cake. Making a complete motorcycle cake is complicated, so let’s make the simple cake. We can take part of motorcycle as an inspiration. I recommend you to use the tire as the main theme, because it is the easiest part of motorcycle.

You can make two circle-shaped cakes with different sizes. Afterwards, make fondant with sugar and chocolate essence. Use the mold to make some patterns on the edge of tire.

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To make it perfect, you can set a miniature of Harley Davidson Motorcycle as a decoration

Then paste the fondant on the cakes. You can put some decoration on the tire like the brand of Harley Davidson and surround the cake with the fondant chain. OK, now you will be able to surprise your husband with Harley Davidson birthday cake. Happy cooking!!!

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