Eiffel Birthday Cake Ideas

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Eiffel Birthday Cake

Who doesn’t know Eiffel ? Every body knows about this tower, Eiffel tower is in Paris city. Almost of people want to visit this tower because from this tower you can see good scenery and also it is one of the highest tower in the world. There are many people visit this town just for seeing Eiffel tower and spend their time while enjoying Paris scenery.
If your friend wants to visit this tower so much but she/he doesn’t have enough budget to go to there, why don’t you make a surprise to your friend by making Eiffel tower birthday cake?

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It will make your friend happy and also make his dream comes true with your Eiffel birthday cake.

Firstly, make a cake with rounded form and then decorate the cake by covering it with colorful fondant. You can combine the colors in the side of cake and put specific color on the cake. you can also use chocolate and put in the side of cake. The last way, put the miniature of Eiffel tower on the cake.

Your friend will be more excited with this birthday cake because your friends feel like around of Eiffel tower when they see this cake. So, do you have idea to give your friends Eiffel birthday cake ?

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Here are some ideas for Eiffel tower Birthday Cake !!

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