Dora Birthday Cake Ideas

Dora Birthday cake could be a wonderful birthday surprise for your children. Here are some adorable Dora theme birthday cake that may inspire you!

Dora Birthday Cake

“What do we need to go to the place?” “A map!” “Yes, you are right, a map. Say map!”

Have you ever listened to such conversation? Almost all people know it, especially kids. Yes, you are right, it is one of conversations in Dora the Explorer, an American educational animated TV series. Dora is a kind-hearted little girl who loves adventure very much. Dora always travels to many places with Boots, her funny monkey. Sometimes, she is accompanied by Diego, her little friend.

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Now, you can make Dora as a decoration model of birthday cake. Your daughter must be happy to celebrate her birthday party with Dora birthday cake, or if you have a son, he must be agreeing to celebrate his birthday with Diego birthday cake. In order to beautify your Dora birthday cake, you can add a nice scenery such as forest, river, mount, and others. Besides, you can add Dora’s equipments such as backpacks, maps, binoculars, note book, pens, and others. You can also add the other characters of Dora animated series such as Boots, Issa, Benny, Ticco, and Sweeper.

Celebrating birthday is one of unforgettable moments in life, especially when it is celebrated with the most favorite animation birthday cake like Dora and Diego.

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Bellow are some examples of Dora birthday cake design that you can choose. Enjoy to see the children birthday cake ideas.

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