Book Birthday Cake Ideas

Book birthday cake ideas

Book is an important stuff in the world. Wise-man said “Book is the Window of the world. Even though we have no fund to go abroad, we can see the beautiful world by reading a book. We can get a lot of knowledge from this. You must be very pleased and grateful if you loved reading books.

If you love books, then you can try to get an inspiration of making cake. Book Birthday Cake Ideas should be a nice option for everyone who loves book. It would be nice to have some books on your table, with some candles on it. Of course, it was design of cake. Do you see the cake below? It was a book birthday cake. The design was inspired from one of the most popular novel, Game of Thrones, which has become top TV series for years.

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Due to the various types of book, you will have many ideas about it. If you are a music lover, then you can make a music book cake, etc. Don’t forget to wish a “Happy Birthday” with your name on it.

If you think that a book could be special cake for your birthday, Here are some cool book birthday cake ideas that you might love.

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