Basket Ball Birthday Cake Ideas

These Basket Ball birthday cakes could be a wonderful birthday surprise for your beloved ones. Here are some adorable Basket Ball theme birthday cake that may inspire you!

Basket Ball Birthday Cake

Do you have ideas for your best friend birthday in this year? You can find some ideas that include with their interests or their hobbies. If your friend likes sport such as basket ball, it’s the good news because we got some inspiring idea that can be a reference to make Basketball Birthday Cake

Before making the cake birthday, you have to know your friend’s favorite team in basketball competition like NBA or others competition. Lakers or Spurs are the most famous basket ball team in NBA Competition.

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If your friend is the fan of them, you can choose their jersey as the main theme of the cake. Why does jersey’s team become main theme for the cake? Because we will put his name on the jersey as the player’s name and his age as the player’s number.

He will be amazed because he thinks that he is a player of the team. Choose the pattern of cake as similar as the team jersey pattern. For example, we use orange color for the cake to make it similar with the Lakers jersey.

We can also add the logo of team on the bottom of jersey by spraying the edible paint. To make it different with others jersey’s sport, we can add others cake as the basket ball. Put it beside of your friend’s jersey cake. And wollah, your friend is ready to be a player of the team on his birthday.

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So will you make this basketball cake  for your friend?

Bellow are some great Basket Ball Birthday cake design that may inspire you.

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