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Joystick Birthday Cake Ideas

Console game has been developed significantly. Due to the advanced technology, now you can enjoy various games like RPG, Action, Simulation, Adventures, etc. The current graphic of the games will make you satisfied. However, it won't be discussed in this site. Have you ever thought about making a cake, or ordering a unique cake related […] Read More

Arsenal Birthday Cake Ideas

Arsenal is one of EPL's big four. You might know very well about Arsene Wenger, their manager. He has been handling Arsenal for years.  When Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp were still in the team, that was their best era. Now Arsenal has successfully created many talented young gunners. Chamberlain, Bellerin, Campbell, are on the list […] Read More

Liverpool Birthday Cake Ideas

YOU WILL NEVER WALK ALONE Liverpool is the name of city In England. In this big city, there are two big football team. They are Liverpool and Everton. Liverpool is listed in EPL Big Four. This football team is one of the most successful. Steven Gerrard is the legend for Liverpool.  He had played for […] Read More

AC Milan Birthday Cake Ideas

Italian League Or Popularly known as Lega Calcio, is one of the biggest stage for football in Europe and the World. AC Milan is one of the most successful football team from this Pizza land. Paolo Maldini, Ronaldinho, David Beckham, Shevchenko are some football legends who ever played for Milan in their great era. Milanisti […] Read More

Tottenham Birthday Cake Ideas

Tottenham Hotspur is one of great English premier league football clubs. You can see its icon standing on the ball, a cockerel.The club which has a home base in London, is very successful in recent years. In 2016, they reach the second position in Premier League. Leicester City has won the league. (Read more about Leicester […] Read More

Plane Birthday cake ideas

What kind of transportation that can bring us to another island or continent faster? Yes, it's a plane. The technology in transportation has been developed significantly. We can go everywhere around the world by this. Plane is a very useful thing. Of course, due to its ability, we need more money to pay the flight […] Read More

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Barcelona Birthday Cake ideas

Who doesn't know Barcelona FC? Barcelona or Barca is one of the most successful football clubs in the world. Lionel Messi, the best player in the world (5 times) is playing for the club currently. Barca's home is in Catalonia, Spain. And Barca is known as a fierce rival of Real Madrid. If you are […] Read More

Leicester City Birthday Cake Idea

The new English Premier League Champion, Leicester City is a successful club which become the people's attention. Compared to the other big names like MU, Chelsea, Arsenal, etc, Leicester doesn't have much fund. But they can build a big team.  Of course in 2016, their fans has increased significantly. Are u a fan of Leicester? […] Read More

Manchester United Birthday Cake Ideas

If you hear a word "Manchester", many of you might think of 2 football teams in England, Manchester United and Manchester City. These two teams have become fierce rival for years.  When the two teams meet in pitch, the people call it Derby Manchester. Manchester united is a team from Manchester which has a great […] Read More

Chelsea Birthday Cake Ideas

English Premiere League is one of the most popular football league in the world. There are many great teams. It included Chelsea FC, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United, etc. Chelsea also has a lot of fans around the world. It's no longer new thing if we will find various merchandise easily. How if you make […] Read More